An analytical study of the opinions of a sample of workers at Al Kafil Specialist Hospital in the holy Karbala Governorate


أ.فؤاد حمودي العطار

Prof. Fouad Hammoudi Al-Attar

جامعة كربلاء /كلية الادارة والاقتصاد

الباحث/ اسامة حمزة عبود المعموري

Osama Hamza Aboud Al-Mamouri   

 جامعة كربلاء /كلية الادارة والاقتصاد



    The current research aims to investigate the effect of Marketing flexibility on improving service quality. A sample of workers at the Kafeel Specialist Hospital in the holy governorate of Karbala was chosen to conduct the research with a volume of (106) workers, and experimental measures were drawn from previous studies to verify the hypotheses, through a variety of statistical tools and methods for analyzing and processing data and information using packages Statistical needed through empirical factor analysis to verify structural confirmatory validity of the measures used in this research, simple correlation matrix and structural modeling equation for research hypotheses and SPSS vr. 23 program and Amos vr. 23 program. Searching to a set of the most important conclusions (The hospital’s research administration is greatly aware of the marketing flexibility variable, and this appears through its adoption of modern and advanced technological methods in improving the level of its services provided.) In the light of the conclusions, a set of recommendations has been formulated, the most prominent of which (the need to enhance interest by the hospital administration researched by workers is to understand the proper entrance to ensure quality of service and a major source for building a long-term relationship between the hospital and its disease, through following incentive incentive programs And support the creators of them).

Key words: Marketing flexibility , Quality of Service

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