The study examined the role of tourism media in developing tourism demand in Iraq. Tourism media is one type of communication that is carried out through the various media to trade specific information on various aspects of the tourism industry. Tourism media is thus described as an information activity in the first place.

  The research started from the premise that tourism information plays an important role in the development of tourism demand at the theoretical level and in the proposed implementation environment. Tourism media also face problems, challenges and obstacles that reduce the required and necessary impact to stimulate tourism demand. The purpose of the research is to identify the concepts of tourism information, its main types, its traditional and modern means and definitions, and clarify the role of tourism media in the development of tourism demand in Iraq and the necessary treatments to activate this role. The research was based on the descriptive analysis method, in addition to the use of statistical program spss to measure the relationship between the variables used in the research.

      One of the most important conclusions reached by the research, according to the field survey, is that tourism information is an important factor in tourism demand in Iraq. The development of modern media and communication contributes to the increase in the pace of tourism demand.

      Keywords, Tourism Information, Tourism Demand, Tourism Marketing.

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