the interest is Increased in solid waste recycling to benefit most countries in the world by implementing several standards, because of the importance of industrial and commercial through the process of recycling, especially as the natural resources in continuous decline and prices are increasing, so the goal of the search to determine the benefits (Organic, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, glass) to help create a highly profitable industry in support of the local economy rather than being a burden on the environment to participate in this process. Mechanism of all the public and private sector institutions that have a role to protect the environment, so I suppose research the possibility of establishing a factory for recycling of solid waste to achieve the yield and energy in the case of investment through the selection of comprehensive management, which leads to the achievement of the desired purpose of the recycling process.

  In order to reach the purpose of the research, the researcher adopted descriptive and quantitative analysis methodology in the review of solid waste recycling using (Win QSB) program to analyze the collected data represented by the number of workers, capital, quantity of solid waste and quantity of water required in the process of recycling.

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