The evolution of the role of alimony with the development of the role of the state from the custodial state to the interventionist state. This development is accompanied by changes in the functions of the state until the intervention became a main feature of the countries in order to overcome the economic problems facing them and the fiscal policy became the interface of implementing the state plans through its tools. And through the images of spending of the state reflected directly and indirectly in the 

spending of private investment and consumer and this is the subject of our research , In addition, a review of the results of the standard models used in this study, such as the time series stability test, the Johansen, the Granger test, and the analysis of the Var model, were examined. The tests showed a positive correlation between the variables of government expenditure and expenditures for both investment and consumption expenditure.

In order to verify the hypothesis of the research, the structure of the study was divided into three topics: The first topic dealt with the theoretical framework of government spending and the second section the theoretical framework of private spending, and the third, the impact of government spending on private spending.

From above, the hypothesis of research has been proved that government spending affects the expenditure of both investment and consumer

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