Purpose: The purpose of the research is to provide an analytical study to test the relationship between enabling leadership and strategic coherence with their qualitative indicators in (Al-Kafeel Hospital).                       

Research design: The research included a study based on the collection and analysis of data on the variables of research, namely, the enabling leadership of an independent variable with its subdivisions (adaptive, creative and learning), and strategic coherence with a sub-dimension (organizational Fueling , organizational Shaping , organizational Entwining) .(Al-Kafeel Hospital), the sample of the research was a sample of the intended number of doctors and pharmacists in the hospital examined (90) doctors and pharmacists, and the researcher used a package of statistical tools to process data through the program (Smartpls) Through (Questionnaire) prepared for this purpose, depending researcher Likert scale quintet (Five-Point Likert – Type) in determining the paragraphs of the measure.                                                                     

 Results: The results of the statistical analysis proved the validity of the hypotheses that were formulated according to the descriptive model of the research, which provides for the existence of relations of influence between the independent and dependent research variables. In general, the results of the statistical tests proved that the model and hypotheses of the study were statistically acceptable.   

Conclusions: The research concluded that there is a great coherence in the strategy of the hospital in question (Al-Kafeel Hospital). This cohesion was strengthened through the presence of the hospital  enabling leadership which is based on achieving innovation, adaptation and learning for medical staff in the formulation and implementation of the hospital strategy.                       

                                       Contribution / Value: Research is an attempt to contribute to the detection of strategic coherence and how to strengthen it through enabling leadership in the private health sector (Al-Kafeel Hospital).                  


Keywords:Strategic Cohesion, Health Organizations, Al-Kafeel Hospital. 

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