((An analytical exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of leaders in the universities of the Middle Euphrates))

Prof mithaq hatif alfatlawi

Mr. Rasha Abbas Al-Rubaie


        The purpose of the research is to analyzeProf. Dr. Al-Fatlawi Telephone Charter the reality of producing dimensions Productive Organisational Energy levels (emotional energy, cognitive power, behavioral energy), has been chosen as a sample of university leaders was strong (163) people from the study population of the universities of the Middle Euphrates (Karbala, Babil and Euphrates technical), and crystallized research questions by touching the reality of a career in the universities of the Middle Euphrates to build intellectual perceptions are based on scientific research in the interpretation of behaviors associated with passion, knowledge and behavior to determine the productive and organizational energy levels within those universities, either hypothesis was that there is a difference in perception university leaders about the regulatory power producing dimensions, it has resulted in a search a number of conclusions most important of which there is a significant weakness in realizing productive organizational energy in terms of its dimensions in the university research community and the most prominent recommendations awareness of various cadres of the Boards of universities and colleges that regulatory power is necessary, as a strategic option for their universities, and organizational energy is without activation its dimensions do not mean anything

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