Prof. Yunus Ali

M. Salah Hama Saeed


The importance of research is identify the prospects and development of tourism companies in the Kurdistan Region, which constitute an important source of growth and progress, where prospects are determined by analyzing the developments of tourism companies in term of job creation,  capital investment and revenue generated through the exploiting the tourism potential currently and  in the future.

Study has been composed of  four main sections, the first section consists of research methodology and tools used in either The second section focused the emergence of  tourism and its economic importance, while section three concentrated on the contribution of tourism companies to the development tourism sector, even as the fourth and last section dealt with the practical and analytical side of tourism companies through collected data from questionnaires which are distributed between( 29 tourism companies) in the three provinces of Kurdistan region .

The research aims to identify and analyze the role of tourism companies in the development of the tourism sector in Kurdistan by applying advanced statistical methods based on econometrical program (E-views 8.0), as well as providing information for the purpose of tourism planning and policy-maker to increase the role and effectiveness of the tourism sector in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and diversify the Kurdistan Economy.

In conclusion, the study reaches several conclusions, and accordingly it was providing some suggestions for development tourism companies and for development tourism activity in Kurdistan region.

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