Ph.Dr. Batool Mutar Ibadi

Qadisiyah Univercity –  College of Administration and Econimics   

Alaa talib matoor                 




       This study aimed to analyze the size of indirect foreign investments in the Iraqi market for securities at the macro level and analyze it at the level of each sector of the market, and to analyze trading indicators in the Iraq Stock Exchange, as well as to measure the impact of indirect foreign investment in the indicators of the Iraq Stock Exchange This study was conducted on the quarterly data between the indicators of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and the representative (the market value index) and the indicators of foreign direct investment, represented by the index of foreign trading volume and the net foreign investment index.                                                                      

 The study reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which, the results of the statistical test demonstrated the existence of a statistically significant effect of the indirect foreign investment index represented (foreign trading volume and the net foreign investment index) and the Iraqi stock market indicators represented by the number of shares traded.                                                                      

The study recommended a set of recommendations, the most important of which is to provide the appropriate investment climate, as the economic situation and the appropriate political situation for investments are among the most important factors affecting the investor’s decision to invest his money in the host country.                                                              

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