Prof. Nabil Jaafar Abdel Reda

      M. Mohammed Jassim Awwad

Basra University / College of Administration and Economics


Iraq is from countries rampant with corruption in the past years and became the major challenges facing the state-building and the promotion of economic reality, it has plagued Iraq in the previous regimes scourge of waste and squandering of public funds, especially the phase of the nineties of the last century, it has the political behavior of the year to increase the administrative corruption and financial and spread the values ​​of patronage and clientelism and rampant bribery and theft, as it went down accounting indicators, political stability, government effectiveness, rule of law, but after 2003 was exacerbated the phenomenon of corruption to the point of scary is no longer possible to hide or disguise, especially after having occupied Iraqfor the period (2003 2007) ranks last in the World Peace for the most corrupt countries in the world, has become plagued by corruption and B in all fields especially the economic ones which hindered the process of growth and development.
Therefore it is essential to address this phenomenon and limit their spread, especially in the current stage, by the looks of where Iraq to build its shattered economy, and that are not taken only to the availability of genuine political will by adopting strategies aimed at lifting the country from corruption and the corrupt, through the promotion of good governance and the activation of a package of administrative reforms and economic . And through building national integrity system based on the principle of political accountability and economic reform, and lead reforms to strengthen governance institutions and mechanisms to reduce corruption, and develop measures that reduce indulging in corrupt practices.










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