Prof.Dr.Haydar Ali AL- Massoodi        

    Mohammed Salman Dawood


     IFRS`s have been Focused on providing more relevant, reliable and transparent measurement methods, Ensures that appropriate information provided and represents the true position of the economic unit, The objective of this research is to clarify the impact of the application of measurement at fair value in achieving financial reporting transparency and the impact of its application in the economic units of Iraq in achieving transparency of the financial statements and providing useful information for investment decision making, The importance of the research is of the importance of measurement at fair value as a subject of modern, contemporary topics that needs to clarify more to those interested, clarify the methods of accounting measurement at fair value, while the exploratory method used to establish a relationship between the fair value and the level of transparency in the financial statements, and Investors adopt them in making their decisions for investors,Checklist was distributed to determine the extent to which investors were aware of IFRS`s, including the fair value standard and measurement methods.

  The research was based on the main hypothesis that “the activation of measurement at fair value and disclosure of such measurement in the financial statements would achieve the transparency of financial reporting, which in turn has an impact on enhancing investor confidence in the financial statements and support their investment decisions.”,Several results were reached, The transparency of the financial statements when applying the measurement at fair value is higher than the level of transparency on the part of the appropriateness characteristic when applying historical cost measurement, and the basis for comparing them with historical cost measurement is to achieve the required saucepan of relevance and faithful representation.

Keywords: historical cost, fair value, transparency.

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