Norway case study

أ.م.د محمد حسين كاظم الجبوري

Mohammad Hussain Aljobory

الباحث/حسين علاء حسين معتوق

Hussein A. Hussein Matouk



       The research seeks to identify the effect resulting from the output gap in the financial policy in the Norwegian economy during the period (1990-2018), and to find out the type of financial policy in which it operates, is it an automatic financial policy , or a periodically modified financial policy, and accordingly, has been calculated The output gap in the Norwegian economy using the (OKUN) unemployment law and measuring the impact of the relationship between financial policy and the output gap using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag model (ARDL). A short and long relationship For between search variables.

A number of conclusions were reached, perhaps the most prominent of which is that the Norwegian economy is an economy that managed to manage oil financial revenues wisely and in an optimal way and followed a method of financial policy based on the periodic amendment of the changes in the output gap, and moved to a diversified economy based on a broad base of economic sectors

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