Prof. Mohamed Nagy Mohamed

Researcher / Asaad Rahim Mohsen


Began the start of the petrochemical industry in Iraq since the eighties of the last century, it has faced the industry in the early growth of a combination of factors that have worked negatively on the industry, and these factors are the multiple wars that gripped Iraq that the infrastructure of the Iraqi economy was destroyed and the economic blockade which created a gap technological between Iraq and the outside world as well as the isolation of Iraqi products for foreign markets and limited to local markets, which make them work part of the production capacity, either after 2003, where the Iraqi market has seen the opening of an unprecedented foreign products which led to a decline in the competitiveness of the petrochemicals industry which lacks modern technology and gave petrochemical plants that have not experienced rehabilitation and maintenance since its inception, leading to low productivity efficiency, in addition to the role of companies that lacked experience in the field of marketing in a market economy management, in addition to the lack of effective policy by the state to protect the local product and forwards the request, all of these things have led to a decline in the contribution of the petrochemical industry in the gross domestic product and lower its importance in the overall economy.  Even occupies its place among these real economic activities must be national and foreign investment for the purpose of guiding the advancement of this sector, and should develop plans and studies and legislation of laws for the purpose of supporting the Iraqi petrochemical industry and make it a par with global industries. Note : this research is taken from a thesis that is not discussed

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