Prof. Muhammad Naji Muhammad Al-Zubaidi 



Found through this study, that Iraq suffers from commercial dependency that led to the depletion of national wealth of the oil revenue as a result of the negligence of Iraq to other sectors and its dependence on oil is very large, and represents the attrition in consumer spending, both public and private, and its direction towards the outside in order to meet local requirements , and this means depriving the Iraqi economy from the injection (spending) that if the guidance and coordination with trade policies, particularly protectionist inward led to stimulate producers to increase investment in most sectors and activated and then increase production and meet the local need and export the surplus towards the outside and an end to trade dependence. Although the access of developing countries, including Arab countries, especially Iraq, the liberation and political independence from colonial domination and it still sits in a cell economic dependency commercial and especially, where we noticed through research, said the commercial dependency indicators not only suggest but states that the Iraqi economy is continued to the outside world economy, with the average degree of trade exposure of more than 75% of the value of gross domestic product, as the average degree of commodity focus more than 98% of total exports, while the average degree of geographical concentration of exports amounted to more than 47% of total exports and finally the average ratio of the average propensity to import more than 27.5% of the value of the gross domestic product of Iraq.

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