(An applied study at the General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment in Alexandria)


     The purpose of this study is to provide a methodology for value chain analysis based on the value stream to improve customer focus, According to the value chain analysis, different optimization ideas have been proposed to eliminate activities that do not add value, It has identified seven kinds of waste in activities that do not add value to the final product, The value stream has been used as an accurate analysis tool in providing appropriate information for the purpose of making decisions in the context of value management in a client-driven business environment, The study aimed to identify the reality of the company’s activities and the extent to which these modern methods can be applied and their effect when removing activities that do not add value from the point of view of the customer, The study reached a number of conclusions, including the success of the use of the value flow map and the value chain depends on the readiness of the organization to invest the technological capabilities available in the completion of the work and adoption of a new and modern work methodology, The study also reached a number of recommendations, including the need to train the staff of this organization to be a more agile organization and improve the work.

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