Mother. Dr.. Mohammed Naji Mohammed al-Zubaidi        Hamed Abdul-Hussein Khudair Sal


 Economic diversity is a multiplicity of sources of income and this reduces the risk to the case of   non-diversity of the economy, and through the application of economic diversification indicators of a rate and degree of change in the economic structure, the degree of instability of GDP and its relationship to the instability of oil prices, and the proportion of oil revenues from revenue college, and the relative importance of the private sector in the local economy, and the proportion of non-oil exports contribution to the sum of total exports, on the Iraqi economy, it became clear that a unilateral economy side (yield), which depends on oil supplier class basis, and since the oil international commodity, permission will be determined prices internationally, and cannot Iraq or any other country to determine oil prices as desirable, and this is what a negative impact on the state budget and GDP, trade, foreign affairs and other economic and social variables.

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