The effect of strategic flexibility on entrepreneurship An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of managers of companies, especially small companies operating in the construction materials industry sector in Najaf Governorate

Muhannad Hameed Yasser Al-Atawi  


 This research aims to identify the impact of strategic flexibility through its dimensions (the flexibility of human capital, market flexibility, productivity flexibility) in the Entrepreneurship of business organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises through its dimensions (Proactive Orientation, Opportunity-driven, take risks, Resource Leveraging). The research sample included corporate managers in the manufacturing sector of construction materials. The questionnaire used in a major source of data collection, and distributed (36) questionnaire, and I recovered (31) questionnaire in full. It was one of the most important results, the presence of trace of two variables of the strategic flexibility and are flexible human capital and productive flexibility in Entrepreneurship business organizations covered by the research, it became clear there was no significant impact between flexibility market and Entrepreneurship. The researcher recommends that depends managers know the market and the characteristics of the different and be aware of strategies of competitors, and continuous monitoring of changes in political, economic, technology and other variables affecting the company’s business, and that managers follow the changes in prices of competitors and to take new approaches torespond to them.

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