Prof. Adnan Hussein Younes

Dr.. Jafar Abdul Amir Aziz


 In light of the global economic variables , markets have become face huge conditions which characterized by multiple aspects of the rapidly changing competitive conditions and regeneration in the context of the data that have become available the tremendous advances in information technology and the digital environment . As the application of digital trade systems become grow and evolve in a huge level and leave its effects on international trade operations of different goods and services which have characterized by its difference intense within one industry – one commodity . So , the applications of commercial digital systems have become one of the most effect factors in the competitive ability on the level of international trade , So, for this ,universal companies and projects which aspirant to increase its amount in the markets and more success and development, intend to modern trends that include applications of commercial digital systems and be more benefit from it in strengthen its competitive abilities . So , this systems have been allowed to over of geographical limits and intervals , and turned the world to one hypothetical market .                                                                                               

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