Prof. Awad Kazem Al-Khalidi

The researcher Hamza Emad Al-Debs

Karbala University / College of Administration and Economics / Department of Statistics


 In this research a statistical study was conducted on the per capita consumption of the main food and luxury commodities in the region of Holy Karbala Governorate depending on the questionnaire form prepared by the researchers. The statistical methods were used in the analysis as well as the charts for the purpose of showing the results obtained from the sample data which represented the population very well. The importance of this study appears from the problem it started with which is the instability in the per capita monthly income and thus becomes unable to afford the living costs as well as the rise in the import of food commodities and the dependency on them. Therefore, this situation has negatively impacted the local economy in particular and the international economy in general. The local market needs from the material under study have been estimated and the surplus from the same material have been found so that the relevant agencies can develop future plans and invest these commodities in other areas

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