Case study in the Directorate of Municipalities Diwaniyah Governorate

أ.د آمال خروبي

Dr. Amal Khroubi

Lslamic University in Lebano

الباحث /اشواق علي عبدالميالي

Researcher/ Ashwaq Ali Al – Maily

                      University in Lebanon    Lebanese  



   The study was designed to identify the relationship between patterns of leadership behavior (democratic, autocratic and permissive) and the dimensions of human capital (skills, experiences, knowledge, training). The research sample consisted of (300) employees in the Diwaniyah Municipality Directorate of the Ministry of Construction, The research was based on a descriptive analytical approach in the collection and analysis of data. The questionnaire was used as a main tool for the collection of data and information. The data were analyzed using a set of statistical methods such as arithmetic, standard deviation, correlation and regression. using the statistical program (spss) There is a strong correlation and positive effect between the democratic pattern and the dimensions of human capital.  


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