n Exploratory Study in Government Preparatory Schools in the Holy City of Karbala

Suhad Barqi Kamel                               Hawraa Thamer Mahdi                 Ali abd alammer 


The research dealt with the subject of the inspirational leadership and its role in achieving organizational excellence,The dimensions of leadership inspired by (self-confidence, future vision, recognition of the leader as a tool for change, sensitivity to environmental constraints), Organizational excellence was expressed in dimensions (excellence in leadership, excellence in service, excellence in knowledge).

The aim of the research is to identify the actual reality of the leadership dimensions in the studied schools and the role of the director as an inspirational leader for the other members of the teaching staff on behaviors that lead to achieving school excellence and the level and efficiency of the members and the development of their performance within the work teams.

The researchers tried to answer several questions, including whether there is an impact of the inspirational leadership in the organizational excellence of the schools in question The research was conducted in the preparatory schools for the city of Karbala, The necessary information was obtained for the field side through the questionnaire prepared for this purpose and distributed to a sample of (90) managers representing the administrative leaders in the surveyed schools.

The research also reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that the existence of a relationship has a positive statistical significance between the variables (inspirational leadership and organizational excellence)

The study concluded with a set of recommendations related to its variables, including: the need to employ the inspirational leadership dimensions of the schools studied for the purpose of developing them through changes in the practices and methods used in teaching by faculty members and recognition of the manager as a tool for change through work.

Key Words: leadership, inspirational leadership, organizational excellence

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