Analytical Exploratory Research of the views of a sample of mobile telecommunications companies managers in the holy city of Karbala 


 The purpose of the research is to analyze the relationship between Strategic Alignment in Achieving the Strategic Entrepreneurship Through the Mediator role of Strategic Ambidexterity of the application in mobile telecommunications companies managers in the holy city of Karbala. To achieve this, the dimensions of the Strategic Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurial leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, Strategic management resources) adopted based on(Kimuli,2011), and the dimensions of the Strategic Alignment (Culture and shared beliefs, Organizational capabilities, Communication) adopted based on (Bsc,2014), while the dimensions of the Strategic Ambidexterity (exploration strategies, exploitation strategies) adopted based on (Musigire et al.,2017).

     The branches of mobile communications companies in the holy city of Karbala, have been selected as an applied field for research by distributing a survey of (61) respondents from branch managers and heads of departments and the divisions and their units for the sample companies as well as managers of companies with exclusive agencies. Using the correlation coefficient (Pearson), and the normal distribution test, and Explorative Factor Analysis.

     One of the most important conclusions reached is that achieving the compatibility between the formulation and development of strategy (strategic alignment) has an effectively influences in strengthening the relationship between the strategic entrepreneurship and the strategic ambidexterity of the sample companies in light of the fierce competition in the Iraqi telecommunications sector. The research concluded with a number of recommendations, most notably the need to employ the Mediator role of the strategic alignment in enhancing the positive influence between the strategic entrepreneurship in achieving strategic ambidexterity within the mobile sector, in line with the continued innovation in new services that add value to companies and their customers through its newly deployed service centers in the districts of the city research sample.

Key Words: Strategic Alignment, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Strategic Ambidexterity, Entrepreneurial

Culture, Entrepreneurial Leadershi

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