An analytical study of the opinions of workers at the State Real Estate Department in the Najaf governorate  

Prof. Daamer Abdul Karim Al-Zahbawi 

Administrative College of Technology / Kufa

Prof. Dr. Youssef Hakim Sultan Al-Taie

 College of Administration and Economics / University of Kufa 


Current search center on disclose the relationship and influence between the three search variables moral anxiety and Organizational stability and administrative corruption and their sub-dimensions, which has been measured by the five dimensions, namely, (abuse of office, personal gains, wasting work time, a violation of ethical standards, lazing career) and identified the problem of the research in question Prime namely ((whenever it Organization of control over the ethical concern will lead to organizational stability and through which they could face administrative corruption)), while the study focused on the main goal of her, namely ((How can the organization surveyed to determine the basic dimensions of ethical concerns and reduce the incidence of organizational conflict in order to reach stability organization to counter administrative corruption)), while focused importance on the role of senior leadership in control of moral anxiety, which can be organized from the face of administrative corruption or downgrade, and for that was drafted head of the study hypothesis, namely, ((a correlation and the impact of moral concern and corruption relationship Managing through the intermediary role of the stability of the organization)), but in order to confirm the hypothesis president underwent multiple tests to ensure their validity. The research used a questionnaire and a way to get the data. And use the search descriptive and analytical approach as a way of him which consists of three gauges are ethical concerns and stability of the regulatory and administrative corruption was used to consolidate and strengthen these concepts and focus on all employees in the Department of Real Estate State in the province of Najaf, who have a role in the face of corruption and applied research on (39) All employees who are working in the Real Estate Department of State in Najaf. The data was analyzed using a variety of statistical methods (impact and correlations) and extracted results using the computer program (SPSSv.20). And the most prominent conclusions of the research The variables of this research (Moral Anxiety, Organizational Stability and Administrative Corruption) great importance to the level of business organizations, so as to connect it to three variables related to many of the administrative, organizational and human variables, though the direct relationship between ethical concerns and administrative corruption less the indirect impact through the intermediary of the stability of the regulatory role, and the main recommendations is the need for careful researched to broadcast safety and peace of mind the spirit in the work environment, including reducing the cases of moral concern, giving the role of staff to participate in decisions fully functional entitlements and giving them thus enhancing organizational stability, and work organization the promotion of a culture of reward and punishment in the face of administrative corruption to reduce its own cases and eliminate it completely and in all its forms.

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