Mr. Qais Abdul Hadi Saleh

Technical Institute – Kufa


This  study  aimed  to  show  the  relationship  between  the  dimensions  of organizational  learning  and  empowerment of administrative workers in the form of technical education / University Euphrates technical organizations, individuals, and therefore the urgent need to in education organizations to enhance its competitive position and invest the individual talents of employees and a mechanism to provide the appropriate conditions that enable the member regulators to provide creative ideas and through the acquisition of knowledge at the individual and organizational level.

Design / methodology researcher / default  adopted  a model  was  built  after  a  review  of  the  literature  relevant  to  the  subject  under  President  Hypothesis  and the origin of the group of sub-hypotheses. As well as the use of a set of  statistical  methods  in the analysis  of the  data  based on the five-Likert scale in the design of the  questionnaire and  the  correlation  coefficient  to  determine  the  relationship  between  research variables  were  obtained  results  using  statistical  software  ( SPSS  ).Originality / value / researcher found out that  there  is  a correlation  significant differences  between  the  dimensions  of  organizational  learning  and empowerment of administrative workers as a result of interest in organizational leadership in the Euphrates East Technical University to teach individuals and interest in cognitive and technical skills that lead to enable them administratively.

Key words: Organizational learning, Empowerment of administrative, Dynamic learning, Freedom and independent.

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