Capabilities (An applied study on Basra University teachers)


أ.د  هادي عبد الوهاب عبد الامام

Prof Hadi Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Imam

كلية الإدارة والاقتصاد/ جامعة البصرة

م. م. وائل حاتم ناصر

Asst.Lecturer. Wael Hatem Nasser

المعهد تقني بصره/ الجامعة التقنية الجنوبية


    This research aims to know the nature of the relationship that links social capital through the variable of Organizational Homophily as an independent variable and Dynamic Innovation Capabilities as a dependent variable, Where the Organizational Homophily variable was measured in three sub dimensions: (Individual Directions, Sharing Behavior, Perceived Similarity), While the variable of Dynamic Innovation Capabilities, its scale was made up of five sub-dimensions, namely: (New idea enhancement, perceived organizational support, Self-leadership, Risk Propensity), The research community was the University of Basra teaching, where (250) questionnaires were distributed, The questionnaires were retrieved (233 form), The forms were valid for analysis (226), Using a program SPSS.v.22, Amos.v.22 A set of statistical operations were performed, The results confirm that there is an effect relationship between the search variables, Where the research concluded a set of recommendations, Most notably, senior management must be committed to strengthening the individual capacities of teachers in a way that stimulates organizational creativity.

Key Word: Organizational Homophily, Dynamic Innovation Capabilities, Individual Directions, Sharing Behavior, Perceived Similarity, New idea enhancement, perceived organizational support, Self-leadership, Risk Propensity.

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