The objective: The purpose of this research is to explore a new leadership style of “soft leadership” – to achieve organizational commitment and effectiveness in the work and in consistency with the title of the study was focused on two main variables which they are soft leadership as an explanatory variable and organizational commitment as a variable response.
The purpose: This study shows how the soft leaders adopt tools such as vision, emotional intelligence and communication for the common good. Which explains how soft leadership differs from other leadership styles.
Its describes the importance of the soft leadership and distinguishes between the soft leadership and the strong leadership through the practice of research that presents questions in several private banks and in view of the importance of these banks in the leadership practices and easy to achieve success while providing adequate answers to the subject of research.
Design / methodology: The research is based on a combination of research in the new leadership style with the question and answer through a group of private banks in the provinces of Al-Najaf, Karbala and Babylon and near these banks from each other and the other branches that located in each of these provinces.
The value of the study: – This study has reached the importance of the studied sample, which collectively form soft leadership which it is a unique concept. The study reached a set of theoretical and applied conclusions. The most important of which is that the banks studied through their application of the soft leadership will create an appropriate working environment to enhance employee participation and achieve organizational productivity and performance.
The social Impacts: The social impacts of this study suggest that the owners of the studied banks will achieve both the moral and the material side by applying the soft leadership method

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