An applied study in a sample of private banks

Prof. Dr. Abbas Kazem Al-Daami

murawij tahir hadhal


       The aim of the research is to identify the impact of the important banking indicators, such as liquidity risk indicators in the financial performance for a selected sample of Iraqi private banks as (14) banks with a series of selected period of time (10)years from (2005) till (2014), the two researchers began from two essential hypothesis which consist that the strong positive relation among those indicators and the banking financial performance has an important effect in realizing a successful banking financial performance which enables those banks in taking care in the independent changes (Banking liquidity risk indicators) which can effect directly in strengthening the indicators of its financial performance which will reflect positively on the various fields of the local economy and this can reduce the  various crises effects which can effect on the Iraqi economy just in case if we have a right banking section .  At the end of their research, the two researchers reached to a series of outcomes within them the raising of currency proportion and the cash assets in comparison with the other assets in the banks and this refers to the accumulation of the non profitable money in it which effected enormously on the proportions of the different financial performance and this might reflect the concerns of the bank managements from engaging in the different domains including a kind of risk  .         

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