This research seeks to test the impact of the quality of the social relationship between the president and the subordinate on the proactive behavior of the employees. The research presented a theoretical framework for the quality of social relations and proactive behavior. The analysis of the relationship between them is based on the opinions of a sample of the employees of Karbala Cement Factory. A total of 260 questionnaires were distributed to a number of employees in Factory. The number of retrieved responses was 221 and the statistical analysis was 204 and the response rate was 92%. In addition to analyzing the data, a number of statistical methods were used in the statistical programs (Spss v.25) (Amos v.21) The results of the statistical analysis showed that the quality of social relations and proactive behavior in the Karbala cement plant were the results of the study, and the results indicated that there is a correlation between the variables of the research and there is a significant correlative effect of the quality of social relations on proactive behavior


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