a prospective study of a sample of customers in Dohuk Governorate

أ.د. محفوظ حمدون عبد

م.د. احسان محسن حسين

Prof. Mahfood   Hamdoon Abed                                                          

Dr.Ihsan muhsin Hussein



كلية الإدارة والإقتصاد/ جامعة نوروز

كلية الإدارة والإقتصاد/ جامعة نوروز

College of administration and Economics/ Nawroz University

College of administration and Economics/ Nawroz University


    The research aims to determine the importance of quality dimensions presented by (Garvin,1984) in creating customers’ expectations and Perception such as Performance, Provided Service, Reliability, Product life, Service System, Conformance, and Aesthetic. quality dimensions for service presented by (Parasuraman, et al.,1988) such as Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Responsiveness, and Empathy.

This is based on an idea states that understanding and realizing the quality dimensions of product and services will enhance customers capability to better choose products or services as well as urging production and service organizations to pursuit and identify the continuous changing customers preferences and developing in order to adapt and create compatibility between quality dimension and customer perception at the aim of achieving customer satisfaction  and creating competitive  advantages . The research presented many results in which Performance and Tangible took a for front effect respectively at both Products and Service levels.

Key search terms  : Quality, Product, Service, Customer

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