Financial markets can be considered as basic pillars for the development of economic welfare. They activate the national economy because they are important in mobilizing national savings and guiding them in investment fields which support the leading of national economy increas the welfare of economic. The importance of the study comes from the rapid and successive developments that the financial markets achieved, which called for the need to keep cope with these developments by conducting accurate scientific studies on the reality of financial markets in developing countries in general and Arab countries in particular and identifying some economic variables that affect the performance and development of financial markets. As the financial markets in developing countries suffer from a great delay compared to the developed countries, it is necessary to find ways and means to help these markets to cope with developments in the international financial markets. From this point of view, this study is aimed at clarifying and revealing the effects of changes in bank credit as an independent variable on some of the trading indicators of the financial market (market value, trading volume and general index) as dependent variables. The study is based on the hypothesis that there is no relationship of effect and correlation with significance for bank credit in the financial market through its trading indicators.

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