Abstract :

      The main aim of this research is to determine the impact of cognitive abilities in organizational reputation at the level of universities and civil colleges working in Governorate of the holy Karbala , The research started with a major problem that included several questions about the nature of the influential relations between the two  variables of the field , The research was based scale (Hussein , 2007) To measure cognitive abilities Which included five sub – dimensions are (Structured Thinking , Intelligence , Intuition , Creativity , Renewal and Development), A scale has been adopted (Sala , 2011) To measure Organizational Reputation which consists of four sub – dimensions  (Quality , Appeal , Performance , Responsibility) . The questionnaire was used as a key tool in gathering information and data for research , The research sample consisted of a group of faculty members in universities and colleges The research sample And their number (236) teachers. For the purpose of data analysis and statistical processing Was used Confirmatory Factor Analysis (Structural Equation Modeling), And an appropriate set of measures descriptive statistics,  rank correlation coefficient (Spearman’s rho) , and multiple regression analysis through statistical software (SPSS V.20 ; Amos V.23) . The research found several conclusions the most important ones that Cognitive abilities have a significantly impact on organizational reputation, The results show clear progress for the dimension of Renewal and Development , then creativity, and then Structured Thinking , And then beyond  Intelligence , And finally intuition in terms of  the impact in organizational reputation . The research came out with a set of recommendations, most importantly Should  the administrations of universities and civil colleges of the research sample to Attracting faculty members with advanced scientific degrees characterized by the high uniqueness of knowledge and skills , to achieving superiority and excellence and distinguished organizational reputation in the environment of higher education.

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