a . M . Dr. Muhammad Thabet Al-Karawi


College of Administration and Economics / University of Kufa

Researcher Talib Arif Saleh


     The research aims to test the prevailing strategic thinking in the researched organization ( Holy Karbala Provincial Council ) , and to identify the level of its impact on proactive leadership, as the dimensions of strategic thinking (creative thinking and motivation thinking for vision and directed towards stakeholders ) were examined and tested and measured the extent of their influence individually in leadership Proactive and its three dimensions (business acumen , employee engagement and responsibility )

For the purpose of testing the research hypotheses, the research was applied to a sample of individuals working in the ( Holy Karbala Governorate Council ) from the administrative leaderships to obtain the required information through ( the questionnaire ) prepared for this purpose, and the researcher relied for the purpose of reaching quantitative results on the program (spss ver25) For the purpose of statistical analysis down to the results.

As the research problem was to test and measure the impact of strategic thinking on proactive leadership, and for the purpose of achieving the research’s goals , the two link and influence hypotheses were set for this purpose .

The research reached a set of important conclusions.

a- There is a positive relationship of significance between the dimensions of strategic thinking .

b- There is a positive moral relationship between the dimensions of proactive leadership .

Key search terms: strategic thinking, proactive leadership.

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