This study eXamines the role of the government budget deficit in the changes in the volume of financing borrowed by companies listed in the Iraqi market for securities for the period (2005 – 2016). The study aimed to focus on financial planning based on logical scientific principles that do not intersect with Financial concepts adopted globally for the purpose of the work of companies in accordance with planned conteXts and targeted periods in the future in order to avoid any financial hardship may threaten the survival of companies and continuity. The study aims at eXplaining the role of financial markets at the level of the economy and any damage or impact on the financial markets as a result, the damage will eXtend to the rest of the joints of the economy as a whole as financial markets pillar of the movement of the economy and the engine base for the rotation of the wheel of development in global economies.
The methodology used in the analysis of the data is based on the descriptive analysis using the simple linear regression test. The researcher compared the hypotheses of the study that were identified with the actual results of the correlation coefficients that show the real relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variables to verify the validity of each hypothesis.

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