Analytical Research of views of  a Sample of collge members Private universities and Colleges working in Governorate of the Babylone


    The present research seeks to determine the nature of the relationships of influence and the link between the moral intelligence of the leader and strategic ambidexterity at the level of universities and private colleges in the province of Babylon To achieve this, the leader’s moral intelligence has been relied on four sub-dimensions (integrity, forgiveness, responsibility, and empathy) while strategic ambidexterity was measured by two dimensions (Exploratory  strategy, Exploitative  strategy), The Descriptive And Analytical Methodology was  used to present the research topics, The sample was (200) worker. A Variety Of Statistical Methods And Tools Have Been Used In Data Analysis It Was, Assertive Factor Analysis, Descriptive Statistics,(Pearson) Correlation Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling,& Path Analysis & These Methods Have Been Used On Statistical Programs (Amos,V,23, SPSS V.25), The research has reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which: that the ability of the leader and the extent of his enjoyment of a high level of moral intelligence in turn enhances the level of strategic ambidexterity of faculty members,the research concluded with a number of appropriate recommendations.  

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