The main purpose of this research is to Possibility to achieve Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) according to the (CIPOF) model , study in (technical College of management / Kufa, technical College of management/ Baghdad) , to determine the relationship and impact of the adoption of the CIPOF model (AACSB) in the technical education institutions. In order to achieve the research objectives, two main and secondary hypotheses were tested.

The research was conducted on a random sample of (40) employees in the College (technical College of management / Kufa, technical College of management/ Baghdad),The data were analyzed using the SPSS program. The most important results of the research are the availability of university buildings and facilities in the two colleges under study, which can be invested in order to succeed in obtaining academic accreditation, The educational institutions under consideration do not give balanced attention to the requirements of academic accreditation, specifically the criterion (educational environment and learning outcomes) While the study recommended the need to restructure the competitive priorities of educational institutions in general and the institutions in particular. Academic accreditation is the first priority in determining the strategic priorities. The academic accreditation standards started with the environmental standard and ended with the feedback standard in order to improve the quality of the university performance at all levels

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