This research aims to forward the role of Proactive Personality in the creative performance of employees in the Light of four dimensions (spirit of adventure , re flexibility , Scientific  methodology and Problem – solving and Persuasion ) AL– Furat  AL–Awsat  hospital in AL –Najaf of is selected depending on survey questionnaires . The sample Was members of (160) of own nursing. the hypotheses of the study are presented according to some statistical tools such as the (SPSS) and the SMART PLS Program .the questionnaire is mainly used as a basic tool for data collection and in formation the research arrives at some findings such as : The Proactive personality has an impact on the dimensions of the creative performance for employees.

This study ends up with some recommendation : Like , to the proactive personality of the of own nursing in AL–  Furat  AL– Awsat  hospital by accepting their opinion and ideas as well as modifying real situations and encouraging them to seek new methods for work and help them develop their skills and performance .


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