Foreign trade is the key to meet the needs of all countries for  goods and services, but the are important is vary from State to state, Therefore, the economic strength of the country comes From the strength of its exports, while the surplus in the trade balance Comes from the diversification of exports and reduce imports . As for Iraq’s foreign trade with Kuwait, it will imited on the export of some consumer goods and production, and import some of the basic resources of Kuwait by trade . From the foregoing, the research examines the future prospects of Iraq’s foreign trade with Kuwait, which depends on the development of the trade between the two countries in the near future . Therefore, the importance of research highlighting the size of Iraq’s foreign trade and its future with Kuwait in light of economic developments, and to review the positive and negative effects, and then develop proposals for this trade, and to highlight the urgent need to diversify exports and imports between Iraq and Kuwait  . Foreign Trade  considered the important part of economic activity in both countries, as foreign trade plays a key role in the gross domestic Product, by increasing and diversifying exports and reduce dependence On imports. Therefore, the future of Iraq’s trade with Kuwait, we have to Increase and diversify trade by drawing a future strategy for the development of various economic sectors , This  is leads to the expansion of trade exchange between the two countries

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