(In Iraq for the monthly period of  (January 2005 – December 2011)

أ.د عامر عمران كاظم

professor Dr. Amer Omran Kadhim Al-Mamouri

–جامعة كربلاء –كلية الادارة و الاقتصاد – 2019

   University of Karbala – College of Administration and Economics.2019

م.م سليم رشيد عبود

 –جامعة وارث الانبياء (ع) –كلية الادارة والاقتصاد – 2019

Assistant teacher Saleem Rasheed Aboud

 Salimrashee9@gmail.com  –



The research aims to know the effect of currency exchange rates in the general indices of stock prices of companies in the hotel and tourism sector, And Clarification the type of relationship between them،And on this basis and for the purpose of addressing the problem of research represented by unexpected fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, which leads to losses not taking into account the activity of financial and economic institutions, as well as change the plans of these facilities and the achievement of the purpose of the decree، As well as cover aspects related to the subject, this Search dealt with two main aspects: the first conceptual and Knowledge، as view some of the concepts related to exchange rates and volatility as well as factors affecting them، , and then to Clarification the concept of the general Indicator to be the starting point for the second side of the research is the analytical side, which was based on the monthly data for both the exchange rate and the general index, and for the time period from January 2005 to December 2011 which both the Iraqi financial market and the Central Bank to publish these data periodically according to the period mentioned on the websites on the Internet, through these data can be analyzed various aspects of different had a clear impact in answering the questions of the problem of research.

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