M.D Haidar Ali Mohammed Al Dulaimi

College of Economics & Administration, Babylon University,



The purpose of the present paper is to offer a clear view upon the evolution of online commerce and influencing it. Understanding that the customer wants and needs influence the path of online businesses and e-commerce helped companies to develop innovative strategies so that they can be one step in front of the business changes. Nowadays, companies offer online support and online showrooms, so that the customers are one click closer to purchasing the needed products or services.

This paper contains three chapters covers the presentation of the commerce’s history and continuous with the elements of the E-trading and E-marketplace. It also specifies the importance of the internet and complex platforms when trading online and it continues with the presentation of different methods of payment.

The second chapter deals with trading between companies, individuals, governments, mobile commerce and any combination in between. Also this chapter presents and explains subjects related to the business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C).

The third chapter presents the economic, technological and social barriers which the online commerce had to fight with and it continues with a short presentation of eBay.com and Amazon.com, the players and leaders of the e-commerce

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