The current research dealt with the subject of internal marketing in its dimensions (dissemination of marketing information, training and development, empowerment of employees) and its impact on organizational symmetry as a variable adopted unidimensional. The study of the level of variables in private banks was examined and applied to a sample of (100) . The current research adopted the analytical descriptive approach, and the questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data and information. The research has sought to test the correlation and influence relationships between the two research variables. The research is based on a main hypothesis that (internal marketing has an effective role in promoting organizational symmetry). A number of statistical tools were used to analyze and process data and information using the required statistical packages through the simple correlation matrix and simple regression analysis and the equation of structural modeling to test the hypothesis of research and using SPSS vr.19 ) And Amos vr.23. The results of the study were found to include two main variables (internal marketing, organizational symmetry), significant correlation between the two variables, and a significant effect of internal marketing on organizational symmetry.

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