This study aimed to identify the role of knowledge management systems in achieving strategic change, and relied on the descriptive and analytical approach. The problem of the study focused on the main question: Are knowledge management systems a role in achieving strategic change? The structure of the study is based on two main hypotheses that assume that there is a relationship between the knowledge management systems and the strategic change. The North Oil Company in Kirkuk was chosen as a society for the application of the study and the administrative leaders working in it represented by the director, the director’s assistants, heads of departments, (40) were used, and the questionnaire was used as a main data collection tool. It was analyzed by SPSS (Ver-15). The study reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which are:

  1. There is a positive correlation between knowledge management systems and strategic change, which indicates that knowledge management systems play an important role in achieving strategic change.
  2. There is a positive relationship between KM systems and strategic change, which means that enhancing the effectiveness and achievement of strategic change requires effective and efficient management systems.
  3. The company needs a higher level of knowledge management systems and the level of strategic change it possesses to enable it to exercise its strategic and operational functions with the best efficiency and efficiency.
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