role manufacturing cycle efficiency in reducing cost of the productThe research deals with measuring the of the manufacturing cycle efficiency (MCE) to control time in order to reduce it, (MCE) relies on a set of analyzes to determine the causes of time and determine the time that adds value and non-value time, Which is considered as a framework for reducing time by removing or reducing time which does not add value, This is reflected in the impact of the rapid response to the customer as well as reduce the cost of the product By eliminating the costs of steps non- value, The aim of the research is to achieve Cost reduction by increasing the efficiency of manufacturing time, which reduces the cost of the product, The research assumes that increasing the efficiency of the use of time reduces the cost of the product and its timeliness, The study concluded with a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that the importance of time stands out for its entry into all processes that affect the customer’s satisfaction from the step of innovation and development to the faster delivery of a product better than competitors, The identification and reduction of manufacturing times that add value increases the speed of response The company to its customers and reduces costs The adoption the manufacturing cycle efficiency which will contribute to the reduction of the production cycle, which reduces the cost and increases the speed of response to the customer.

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