Prof. Abdul Hussein Hassan Habib

Prof. Alaa Farhan Talib 

M. Salem Muhammad weighs


      This research  deals with identifying the impact of Organizational Citizenship  behavior in Strategic Change through applying it’s in Colleges of Karbala University. The continuous change in Environment , and the increase in competition between Government and Special Education, which makes an University under research realize the importance of enhancing Organizational Citizenship  behavior represented by their variables (Altruism , Civic Virtue , Sportsmanship, Conscientiousness, and Courtesy ) versus Strategic Change represented by the variables(Process Change, Organizational Culture Change, and Organizational Structure Change) .                                                                                                                      

     The research  aims to :-

  • Knowing how much an University under research is interested in Organizational Citizenship behavior  and it’s dimensions.
  • Studying the reality of an University under research about it,s adapting to Strategic Change.
  • Identifying impact Organizational Citizenship  behavior  in Strategic Change in an University under research.                                                                                  To achieve these aims, hypothetical diagram is set ,identifying the nature of relation between the dimensions of independent variables and those of the dependent variable. To explore the nature of this relation, several hypotheses are formulated. These hypotheses are tested by way of using advanced statistical means ,applying the statistical program For windows- spss-16, and using the simple regression coefficient to measure the impact  relationship between variables , T – test to know the significant of this relationship and F – test to identify the importance of regression equation. R2 – test is also used to explain the range of effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable.  Colleges of Karbala University is chosen because from Top Education Structure which meet Study Conditions . Aquestionaire is used as a main tool in data collection related to the empirical side of the study . The sample of the study consists of (103) persons ,including Leaders represented by Colleges Boards in University.  The research reaches at a number of conclusions, the most important of which are : –                                            
  • There is an effectiveness to Courtesy in Strategic Change , which Direction of Leaders toward Solving of problems in Work to achievement Strategic Change .
  • There is an effectiveness relationship which are important to Organizational Citizenship behavior in Strategic Change.      

     The research ends up with a number of recommendations, the  most important of which are :-                                                                                           

  • Enhancing of Consider to University  Management of Organizational Citizenship  behavior , because it Key Factor in Success and advance of  University in general and Special  effect in Strategic Change .

Deployment Culture of  Strategic Change in University under research

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