(a poultryproject to produce bench eggs as a model)


أ.م.د  شيماء رشيد محيسن

Shaima Rashid Muhaisen   prof.


جامعة كربلاء /كلية الادارة والاقتصاد

الباحث/ وسن سعدون عجس العبودي

wasan saadoon Alabudi





 The difference between a successful project and a failed one depends mainly on the nature of decisions, as the more rational decisions taken by senior management are based on the study and analysis of existing data, this is reflected in the success of the project and vice versa, and studies that are prepared on the proposed projects may lead to directing resources Available to projects and investment opportunities that may not be optimal and that include specific goals, and this is evident in developing countries, and that failure is nothing but a waste of the scarce resources that society desperately needs, and poultry projects are among the profitable projects with a good degree and An investment in it is one of the best investment decisions whenever the necessary capabilities for the project are available in terms of financing and technical property and a healthy place and support, whether from the side of the competent government agencies or investment parties and for the speed of capital turnover, the degree of risk is not high as the trained technical cadres are available, and competition in This field is mostly distinguished by science and knowledge.

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