The research aims to analyze the volume of cash payments Mobil  digital wallet operating in Iraq licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq and to determine the impact of the growth of these payments in increasing the volume of e-commerce. The rates of growth of payments through digital wallets as well as growth rates of e-commerce In Iraq for the period from April 2017 to September 2018, its calculated the mean and standard deviation and the highest and lowest value of the total views, and Iraq was selected as a research country, emerging in the field of financial technology and achieve very high growth rates. The study hypothesized one main hypothesis: (There is no statistically significant effect of cash payments via digital wallets in the volume of e-commerce). The main findings are that the payment of cash through the digital wallets has a significant impact on the volume of electronic commerce and strongly impact high, which means that mobile payments have a large role in the expansion of electronic commerce in Iraq, the most important recommendations are the need to pay attention to the monitoring and compilation and analysis of electronic commerce data in Iraq Through the creation of a special administrative unit in the Department of electronic payments within the sections of the Central Bank of Iraq that the money spent in 18 months nearly $ 3.2 billion, as provided data.

Keywords: : digital wallet, mobile payments,  e-commerce

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