An applied study of a sample of private university professors in Najaf

Dr. Mohamed Thabet Al-Karawi

College of Administration and Economics – University of Kufa


          The literature of Management has revealed many modern topics, one of this topics is the strategic ambidexterity. The increasing attention of strategic ambidexterity is developing because it represents one of the strategic approaches in business administration and for it’s critical role  in maximizing the sustainable competitive advantage, in addition to achieve a good reputation for the organizations.

 this research aims to presents a philosophical viewpoint for several thoughtful topics including the strategic ambidexterity and reputation of the organization in the education foundations. A random sample of university lectures has been chosen comprises 220 respondents. To achieve the aims of this research a questionnaire has been designed as a main tool of data collection using likert scale. The results indicate that the strategic ambidexterity and its dimensions have an important role in supporting and promoting the reputation of the education foundations. The research also recommend that its necessary that the dimensions of strategic ambidexterity ought to be adopted by the university leaders in order to create a good scientific reputation of education foundations in Iraq.


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