The objective of the present study is to explore the impact of the service encounter on the satisfaction of the customer and the nature of the relationship between the two variables. The reason for choosing the subject was the great importance of the marketing and competitive level between the banks and its great role in forming the customer’s impression of the bank. The encounter of the services on customer satisfaction, and the objectives of the research was to determine the level of awareness of customers to the nature of the service encounter dimension (service provider and the physical environment) and determine the level of satisfaction of customers on the level of banking services in the bank in addition to making recommendations to banks study community will evolve T banking business. A sample of customers from private banks operating in Babil Governorate (Gulf Bank, United Bank for Investment, Middle East Bank and Eilaf Islamic Bank) was selected to conduct the study of 157 customers. The study was based on the premise that “customer satisfaction can be enhanced through the service meeting” , And other hypotheses. The use of a variety of statistical tools and methods for analysis and processing of data and information using statistical packages through simple link matrix and simple regression analysis and the equation of structural modeling to test the hypothesis of the study and the SPSS vr program have been based on empirical measures from some previous studies to verify these hypotheses. 19) and AMOS vr.23. The study has reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which are the following: The meeting between the service provider and the physical environment plays an important role in achieving the customer satisfaction and reaching what satisfies the wishes and needs of the customer in the manner that pleases him. Banks provide service environment to stimulate the positive positive response and reduce the negative emotional response by paying attention to the service provider and providing all the factors of success in providing the service, providing a healthy and healthy physical environment and containing modern and advanced technologies, Hand the positive feeling of the customer and increase his loyalty.

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