Dr.. Malik Abdul Hussain Ahmed 

Basra Technical College 



The unemployment in Iraq is one of the most complicated phenomena of which the Iraqi economy suffers.

It reflects the weakness and disability in the structures of the plans and performance , on which the state’s concerned authorities depend,

especially in the fields of  production and development programs

In fact , this was occurred because of the wrong planning policies which can be seen clearly on actions of privatization of the public sector and huge waste of the public wealth on the expenditures of military and security services , while the rest of the development fields and factors , such like human resources and others ,were ignored ,almost completely.

The economical embargo, which was imposed on the country for many decades , and the great changes happened during and within the occupation activities , such like the cancellation of most of the original state’s structures and deterioration of the security situation , helped in speeding the growth of plenty of crisis, among them, is the unemployment .It is a real crisis, effects negatively on the society  ,economically and socially , and should not be left without quick and serious searches for solutions.

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