Prof. Youssef Hakim Sultan Al-Taie

Dr. Amer Abdul Karim Al-Zahbawi

M. Amir Nima scary kalabi

College of Administration and Economics / University of Kufa


Business organizations seek to proceed to take all actions and measures that enable it to perform its work properly as long as possible, so senior management want to strengthen marketing capabilities, and stay away from situations that lead to influence the overall performance of the organization, as researchers would like to draw the attention of the marketing managers of the methods of marketing modern such as buzz marketing was used in this study as an independent variable consisted dimensions of (Buzz creating and Seeding strategic or ideas Cultivation  and creating incentive to Share) and purpose to focus on cases that lead to overall organizational inertia and used in this study as the dependent variable or a certified consisted dimensions of the (Distorted perception , weak motivations and Direct costs of Change, Action Disconnects), so the marketers are trying to focus on the mechanisms that lead to address organizational inertia in the best possible way by striving towards identifying the causes that lead naturally to an outbreak of inertia that affect and are directly on the overall performance of the organization. As well as a lack of organization’s ability to meet the challenges of the external conditions that are often a strong impact on the performance and the future of the organization. So see specialists The use of marketing methods buzz is one of the important steps that stimulate companies towards keep up with developments in the marketing environment, as well as stay away from situations that lead to inertia and rigidity of a regulatory impact on the future of the organization, The most important findings of the research conclusion is a correlation between the use of a strategy create hype and strategy and seeding ideas planted in the mentality of the customer and the strategic creation of incentives and the participation of individuals they represent dimensional basic variable buzz marketing and of the creation of an impact on the customer through the creation of a marketing buzz and sowing the idea of ​​the quality of the product and strengthen the material and moral incentives to the customer for the purpose of attracting attention and exciting motives purchasing, and the most important thing recommended by the research lab management under consideration is the need to the attention of decision-makers catalog on particular risk cases organizational inertia that may afflict the lab necessarily here, the use of modern marketing strategies and of marketing buzz. and for that comprise search of four main sections as it will explain first topic: the methodological framework for the search, while the second topic: the theoretical framework will be presented to the research, while the third section explains the operational framework for research, and the last section will include the most important conclusions and recommendations.

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