(Comparative applied study between Bank of America and Bank Bancorp)

                              أ.د عباس كاظم جاسم                         

  م.م مؤيد  محمد عبد

          جامعة كربلاء /كلية الادارة والاقتصاد      

     جامعة الفرات الاوسط التقنية/الكوفة




     The study of deposits and credit is of great importance in the statement of the efficiency of the management of the bank and is the basis on which the bank in the management of liquidity and profitability management and risk management may be a decrease in total deposits and increase credit high impact on increasing liquidity risk and high profit rate or vice versa The study focuses on four aspects: deposits, credit, profitability indicators, And share price the importance of coordination between deposits and credit to reach a certain level of profitability offset by maintaining the share price that reflects the bank’s value. The analysis was adopted through the use of the statistical program SPSS to determine the nature of the relationships between the variables of the study. Payment in order to achieve coordination between applicants ‘applications and borrowers’ repayments.

Keywords “Deposits, Credit, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, and Share Price”

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