The main purpose of the multiplicity of methods and tools used in the prediction by investors, researchers and all relevant parties justify the means they aim to reach, despite the multiplicity of which is to maximize the market value of the stock to reflect the positive image of investment worthwhile in light of competition and variables that could affect one way or another on these Therefore, the evaluation topics have acquired great importance and have received and will receive further research and investigation of the most important methods that can express or predict this value.The method of Multipliers is an important and simple method of understanding and application by all based on data published in the financial markets in order to reach the parties to what they aim at, since the value does not reflect the interest of investors, but also the interest of business organizations in general and banks in particular Because it plays a vital role no matter how different time and direction.

Therefore, this research came to highlight the importance of this issue in banks in particular as it is the nerve of life in the field of economic development despite the multiplicity of models of Multipliers used on the one hand. The use of these models is enhanced by the application of Iraqi banks, which were selected as the top 10 companies in terms of the most traded in the market during the year 2015 during the 10-year period (2005-2014) to give an indication or an important criterion to be based on the evaluation The value of Iraqi banks in relation to the market value of their listed shares (higher or lower than their value) on the other hand.

   Accordingly, the hypotheses were formulated based on the objectives set to prove this. The models used and the real price of each model were analyzed and then tested using the F, P-Value and impact tests using R2 (logarithmic regression) using ANOVA. The researcher concluded that there was no significant effect of the models of multiples in market value Based on which the null hypothesis was accepted and rejected the alternative hypothesis (acceptance hypothesis).

   The most important thing recommended by the researcher tothe necessity of continuous confirmation by the responsible authorities, whether the Iraqi Stock Exchange or other relevant bodies, to obligate listed companies in the financial markets, especially the banking sector (sample research) to provide data on their financial position with transparency and financial disclosure for all data that reflect the real picture without misleading and put it under Investors should be aware of the most important corporate matters. 

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